krayt dragon pearl lightsaber

Krayt Dragon Pearl Lightsaber | Kyber Crystal Profile

A krayt dragon pearl is a hard, glistening object originating in the belly of a krayt dragon. A krayt dragon is a large, carnivorous reptile from the desert planet Tatooine. Due to the scarcity and high value of the precious krayt dragon pearls, some individuals hunt the fierce creatures as big game. A Force user may equip their lightsaber with the rare and powerful pearl, although adapting the piece for use in a lightsaber is a challenging process.

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krayt dragon pearl lightsaber
Pearls from krayt dragons may be used to construct a lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Krayt Dragon Pearl in Lightsabers

A krayt dragon ingests rocks to aid their digestion. The rocks remain in the creature’s belly and gradually become smooth and rounded over time. Ultimately rocks turn into pearls. Occasionally one of the ingested rocks may contain a kyber crystal enabling a Force user to adapt and use a krayt dragon pearl as the heart of their lightsaber. A krayt dragon pearl-equipped lightsaber produces an extremely powerful blade that howls upon its ignition.

Krayt Dragon Pearl in Star Wars Legends

During the Old Republic era, Revan acquires one of the rare pearls after helping the hunter Komad Fortuna kill a krayt dragon. Also during the era, Bastila Shan’s father seeks out one of the pearls to help pay for treatment for his wife’s illness. The krayt kills him during the encounter. During the Clone Wars, Clone Marshal Commander Bly wields a pair DC-17 hand blasters with krayt dragon pearl-handles.

Due to the refractive quality of the krayt dragon pearl, an individual may install the pearl in a lightsaber, though the process is not easy. The individual must painstakingly clean and modify the pearl to make the piece suitable for installation inside a lightsaber.

Behind the Scenes

The krayt dragon pearl first appears in the Star Wars Canon in the episode “Chapter 9: Marshal” (2020) of the Disney+ television series The Mandalorian. The krayt dragon pearl first appears in Star Wars Legends in the novel Darksaber (1995).

No specific characters are known to wield lightsabers equipped with a krayt dragon pearl.

Image depicts a pearls from krayt dragons

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