Viridian Lightsaber Crystal | Kyber Crystal Profile

The viridian lightsaber crystal is a rare lightsaber crystal that produces silvery-green lightsaber blade. The nuanced blade color is similar to a standard green lightsaber, but a bit more pale or washed-out in appearance. The viridian crystal first appears in Star Wars Legends in the 2004 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic … Read more

Saberforge Exile Lightsaber Full Review | Champion Viridian Sound

Saberforge Exile lightsaber with cyan blade

This is a Saberforge Exile, Champion Tier with Viridian sound. It includes one soundfont. You’re able to adjust the volume and mute the saber. You’re also able to adjust the sensitivity of the clashing. Saberforge (Etsy) affiliate link Watch Saberforge Exile Champion Viridian Sound Lightsaber Full Review on YouTube The illuminated AV switch glows … Read more