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A custom kyber crystal necklace makes a thoughtful gift for lightsaber enthusiasts and Star Wars fans. In Star Wars, a mysterious kyber crystal is the heart of a lightsaber. Made popular by Jyn Erso in Rogue One, a kyber crystal necklace achieves the best of both worlds, serving both as an in-universe style cosplay piece and as everyday wear back here on Earth!

Select from various creative options: resin or genuine quartz, illuminated or non, single color or dual color, etc. Let’s explore 8 custom kyber crystal necklace artisans.

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1. Sarnandhun
Location: United States

Sarnandhun crafts custom, made-to-order kyber crystal necklaces from a whole crystal or shard of genuine quartz. The crystals are available in clear along with a variety of colors. The necklace uses a 24 inch long hand-braided tarred nylon cord, with adjustable knots (no clasps). The company also makes kyber crystal keychains.

Many of the necklaces are adorned with engraved symbols or a word or phase using the Star Wars Aurebesh writing system. Sarnandhun offers custom initial engraving as well.

Sarnandhun kyber crystal necklace

2. CaliberCraftProps
Location: United States

CaliberCraftProps, formerly known as Soulinertia, creates custom, made-to-order Jyn Erso kyber crystal pendant necklaces. The custom crystals are made from resin and inscribed with Aurebesh writing that reads “Trust in the Force”. The crystal are available in the standard clear color or in a variety of other colors by request. The necklace utilizes: a 24 inch long genuine leather cord, waxed lace, and antique bronze findings.

CaliberCraftProps also makes other custom prop replicas Infinity Stones, Dark Crystal pendants, etc.

IMAGE CREDIT CaliberCraftProps

3. HeartcraftedFantasy
Location: Poland

HeartcraftedFantasy creates glowing kyber crystral necklaces and keychains. The company makes the resin crystals in a variety of colors and forms the crystals into one of two shapes: raw and grinded (i.e. smooth). The multicolor option is a clear crystal that illuminates with slow and smooth transitions among multiple colors. Custom engraving, including engraving in Aurebesh, is available as well.

IMAGE CREDIT HeartcraftedFantasy

4. JAGdesignsUS
Location: United States

JAGdesignsUS creates custom themed kyber crystal necklaces crafted from natural quartz or dyed quartz engraved with a short message in Aurebesh or the Mandalorian writing system. The necklace uses a 30 inch cord in leather, suede, or cotton (various color options) with a tie closure. All JAGdesignsUS crystal necklaces include a description card.


5. KyberSupply
Location: United States

KyberSupply makes wire-wrapped kyber crystal pendants from genuine quartz. The pendants/necklaces use an adjustable genuine leather cord. The crystals come in a variety of solid colors, including black, and a few dual color crystals as well. KyberSupply packages the pendants in a black canister.

The company also sells individual natural clear crystals for lightsaber crystal chambers or other DIY projects.


6. BlueButterflyBzr
Location: United States

BlueButterflyBzr makes kyber crystal necklaces with a resin crystal (various colors) and a chain (black, silver, gold, or rose gold). The chain is nickle free and the necklace measures 13-14 inches long. Some crystals are dual color with a swirl pattern. If you’re not sure which color to pick or would like the Force to decide your crystal color, BlueButterflyBzr offers a Mystery Kyber Crystal option. The company also makes kyber crystal keychains.

IMAGE CREDIT BlueButterflyBzr

7. Tinkerers’ Cove
Location: United States

Tinkerers’ Cove makes RFID chip-equipped, Savi’s Workshop compatible kyber crystals with a magnetic base. The resin crystal may attach to a optional necklace add-on so you can wear custom kyber crystal when it’s not installed in a Savi’s Workshop lighstaber.

There are two crystal color options: teal (Mantle of the Force, MotF) or orange (Heart of the Guardian, HotG). The teal crystal creates a blue blade in a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber. The orange crystal creates a yellow blade in a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber and is also compatible with Galaxy’s Edge holocrons.

Tinkerers Cove custom kyber crystals
IMAGE CREDIT Tinkerers’ Cove

8. BlueRinova
Location: United States

BlueRinova creates kyber crystal necklaces using a genuine quartz pendant (various dyed color options). A gunmetal-colored copper wire wraps around the top of the quartz and connects to an adjustable leather cord (black, brown or beige). The necklace measures 30 inches long.


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