Lava Lightsaber Crystal | Kyber Crystal Profile

Lava Lightsaber Crystal

A lava lightsaber crystal originates from a lava planet or moon like Mustafar. Mustafar is a small, erratic lava planet in the Outer Rim Territories. Fire rats, a create native to Mustafar, are known to nibble on lava crystals. When harvested as a kyber crystal and installed in a lightsaber, the weapon ignites a heavy … Read more

Outer Rim Sabers Flame Lightsaber Blade Tips Released | New Product Alert

Outer Rim Sabers Flame Lightsaber Blade Tips have been released. The Flame Blade Tips attach to the top of a custom saber blade in order to create a flaming blade appearance in the style of the unstable Kylo Ren lightsaber. The Outer Rim Sabers Flame Blade Tips are available sized for midgrade/thin-walled blades and for … Read more

What is an unstable blade? | Lightsaber Terminology

Unstable lightsaber blade

An unstable lightsaber blade, sometimes called a flame blade, is a volatile, unbalanced lightsaber blade type with a lively flickering, jagged, and fiery appearance and sound. The Kylo Ren crossguard lightsaber is the most prominent example of a lightsaber with unstable blades. Rey’s double-bladed collapsible hilt lightsaber, shown in promotional footage of Star Wars: The … Read more