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Lambent is a fruit of some Yuuzhan Vong plant types in Star Wars Legends. Anakin Solo harvested lambent and utilized the item as his lightsaber crystal. The lambent empowers Solo to vaguely sense Yuuzhan Vong in close proximity to him. The Kol Skywalker lightsaber, which comes into the possession of Cade Skywalker, utilizes a lambent as well. The Yuuzhan Vong harvest lambent fields as part of their biotechnology.

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Lambent lightsaber kyber crystal profile
Lambent (left) and Anakin Solo’s lambent-equipped lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/Disney

Lambent in Star Wars Legends

A lambent is a fruit of certain types of Yuuzhan Vong plants. During harvesting, an individual must slowly touch the plant to calm it down. Vuuzhan Vong would use helpers, often slaves, to calm the lambent during harvesting.

A lambent may serve many purposes. The plant may be used to as a light source or communication crystal. The plant may also brighten or dim depending on whoever is in possession of them.

Lambent may bear fruit on the surface of a planet or in a dovin basal-created gravitational field. A dovan basal is an organic defense tool utilized by the Yuuzhan Vong. The plant does not bear fruit in artificial gravity environments.

While in Yuuzhan Vong captivity, Anakin Solo finds plants bearing lambent on Yavin 4. He harvests a lambent and installs it inside his lightsaber as a lightsaber crystal. Solo’s bond with the lambent enables him to vaguely sense nearby Vuuzhan Vong.

In 137 ABY, Cade Skywalker comes into the possession his father’s lightsaber, the Kol Skywalker lightsaber. The Kol Skywalker uses a lambent as its lightsaber crystal.

Behind the Scenes

Lambent is first described in Star Wars Legends in the novel Star Wars: The New Jedi Order: Edge of Victory I: Conquest (2001). The novel is written by Greg Keyes. Lambent is illustrated in the comic book Star Wars Legacy 12 (2006).

Lambent is a real world term referring to a light or flame softly glowing, flickering or gleaming.

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