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The Darth Hexid lightsaber is a red double-bladed lightsaber with unstable blades. Hexid is an Old Republic era Zabrak female Sith Lord. She develops a reputation for her brutal combat mastery and indulgent tastes. During the Great Galactic War she comes to despise the ensuing political infighting among Sith and affiliates with the Eternal Alliance, a military organization seeking to defeat the Eternal Empire.

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Closeup on the Darth Hexid lightsaber, an Unstable Arbiter's Dualsaber
Closeup on the Darth Hexid lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Lucasfilm/BioWare

Darth Hexid Lightsaber in Star Wars Legends

During the Eternal Empire’s attack on Korriban, the sacred planet of the Sith Order, Darth Hexid fights to defend the planet. She brutally and skillfully defeats several of the Eternal Empire’s Knights of Zakuul before an explosion knocks the Sith Lord unconscious. Hexid describes waking up “surrounded by death and ruin.”

Following the Sith Order’s crushing defeat on Korriban, many Sith Acolytes scatter across the galaxy and some pledge loyalty to the victorious Eternal Empire. Although Darth Hexid comes to despise the ensuing political infighting and chaos within the Sith Order, she swears vengeance against the Eternal Empire. She joins the Eternal Alliance, a group seeking to defeat Emperor Arcann and the Eternal Empire.

Behind the Scenes

Darth Hexid and her double-bladed lightsaber with unstable red blades first appear in the Knights of the Eternal Throne (2016) expansion of the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Hexid is shown wielding an Unstable Arbiter’s Dualsaber, and item that may be acquired in-game through the Cartel Market.

Image depicts Darth Hexid wielding her red lightsaber

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