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The Korbanth Jade lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the Mara Jade lightsaber and includes an autographed Shannon McRandle plaque. Decipher selected McRandle, a professional model, to portray Emperor’s Hand Mara Jade in Star Wars card game.
Jade, a limited run, is available as an empty hilt (no electronics) or as an installed pixel saber (with Proffieboard). Korbanth released the hilt in mid-October 2021.

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Korbanth Jade lightsaber
Korbanth Jade lightsaber (Photo of saber is not of final product)

The Korbanth Jade lightsaber hilt is comprised of a machined metal hilt. The blade holder accepts 1 inch diameter blade. A series of short, black T-track grips encircle the emitter section. Two parallel rows of screws, creating a rivet-like effect, encircle the lower grip section. The saber includes an autographed Shannon McRandle plaque. Korbanth says that, “a large amount of the price of this saber/plaque will be provided to Shannon to help defray medical bills as she fights off her cancer.”

The photo of the saber is not the final product. Korbanth states that the hilt “is designed directly off the correct original designed prop (with red button) – and will look 99.9% as the photo.”

Korbanth https://www.korbanth.com

Korbanth is a United States based custom saber company that offers may custom character inspired lightsabers. The company sells empty hilts and a selection of installed neopixel sabers.

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