The Pach Store Clan 1 lightsaber

The Pach Store Clan 1 Lightsaber | New Saber Alert

The Pach Store released the Clan 1 lightsaber. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Kit Fisto lightsaber, a Prequel Trilogy clan saber. Clan 1 Saber, which is configured as a sound saber with an in-hilt LED, is available as a single color LED saber or as a 16-color RGB saber. The hilt comes in a metallic silver finish.

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The Pach Store Clan 1 lightsaber
The Pach Store Clan 1 Saber | IMAGE CREDIT The Pach Store

Clan 1 comes equipped with 3 sound fonts and a mute function. A 12W LED illuminates the blade. Clan 1 features the Flash on Clash visual effect. The saber is powered by a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery and charges with an in-hilt recharge port in the middle of the Covertec wheel. A protective chassis encases the saber’s internals.

The hilt is about 10.43 in long (26.5 cm) with a diameter of about 1.41 in (3.6 cm). Clan 1 accommodates a 1 in diameter blade, which is included (about 35.4 in long). Featuring grooves throughout its design, Clan 1 uses a domed activation switch with an accent LED above it. A faux red light and faux green light are situated to the right of the activation switch (the greeblies do not illuminate).

The Pach Store is a Hong Kong based custom saber company that ships lightsabers around the world. The company specializes in affordable sound sabers along with midrange to high-end character inspired hilts.

The Pach Store

Image depicts The Pach Store Clan 1 Saber

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