Saberforge Etsy Store vs Saberforge Website: Top 3 Differences You Need to Know

The Saberforge Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK] and are both run by custom saber manufacturer Saberforge. Although Saberforge runs both stores, the Saberforge Etsy store and differ a lot in how fast they process orders, their lightsaber selection, and sales and discounts. Let’s take a look at the top 3 differences between the Saberforge Etsy Store and

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1. Shipping Speed
Generally, the Saberforge Etsy store ships items faster than A lot of people receive Saberforge Etsy orders within a few weeks. Orders from, however, can be more variable. can take one month or several months or more to ship your order. If you’re ordering from Saberforge Etsy or from, you need to check whatever their current shipping estimate is, but generally speaking, the Saberforge Etsy store seems to ship faster than

2. Selection of Lightsabers, Options and Customizations
The Saberforge website features a much wider selection of lightsabers, options and customizations. The Saberforge Etsy store does not offer the full inventory of lightsabers and the selection of customizations is much more limited. The Saberforge Etsy also does not sell Mystery Box Sabers.

3. Sales and Discounts
Saberforge seems to route all of their sales and discounts through and not the Saberforge Etsy store. The discount codes for DO NOT work in the Saberforge Etsy store. I have not seen sales or discounts in the Saberforge Etsy store. If you’ve seen any Saberforge sales or discounts, let me know.

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These are not the only differences between the Saberforge Etsy store and, but they are three of the most important differences you need to know.

Saberforge Etsy store [AFFILIATE LINK]

Saberforge website

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