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The Shameem Infinity Lightsaber is a custom saber inspired by the design of the Marvel Thanos Infinity Gauntlet. The ornately etched Infinity Gauntlet Saber, a mashup lightsaber, features Infinity Stone accent LED.

An extremely limited microrun of 5 hilts, the Infinity Lightsaber project is a collaboration between between sabersmith Shameem Moshrefzadeh (Shameem’s Saber Customization) and etcher Ryan Lanon (Ronin Custom Armory). Shameem opened the run on August 16, 2018 (the run filled up within 5 minutes).

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Shameem Infinity Lightsaber (customized KR Sabers Flagship)
Shameem Infinity Lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Shameem’s Saber Customization Services

The Infinity Lightsaber is comprised of a machined brass KR Sabers Flagship lightsaber hilt with dual emitter shrouds. Ronin Custom Armory designed and etched an elaborate Infinity Gauntlet pattern onto the hilt and and shrouds. Six decorative infinity stones, configured with accent LED, attach to the emitter area and emitter shrouds. The saber is equipped with a 12mm recessed brass tactile switch on the front and a discreet aux switch on the rear of the hilt.

Shameem installed the electronics for the sabers in the run except for the final hilt, which Shane Moore (SithLord Sabers) installed.

Ronin Custom Armory (Facebook)

Shameem Moshrefzadeh, who founded and operated Shameem’s Saber Customization Services, is a United States based custom saber installer and customizer who was primarily active between 2015 to 2019.

Ronin Custom Armory, operated by Ryan Lanon, specializes in acid etching and leatherwork for lightsabers.

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