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Shameem to transition ‘out of the world of custom saber building’

Custom saber builder and lightsaber enthusiast Shameem Moshrefzadeh, of Shameem’s Saber Customization Services, announced today on Facebook that he will be “transitioning out of the world of custom saber building.” Shameem states he will complete existing lightsaber commissions and “likely take only a few CFX install commissions for the rest of the year before closing shop.”

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Shameem is a well-known, established and respected sabersmith in the lightsaber community. Shameem started building custom sabers five years ago. His company Facebook page, Shameem’s Saber Customization Services, has amassed over 10,000 likes since December 2015.

As of 8/3/2019, Shameem has already taken down his popular lightsaber-themed YouTube channel. He says he will soon close the Shameem’s Saber Customization Services Facebook page and remove his lightsaber sound fonts from as well.

“[T]hankfully nothing bad has happened,” Shameem assures. “[M]y life is just heading in a new direction and building sabers is likely no longer going to be a major part of that new life. And I’m content and at peace with that.”

Although Shameem appears to intend to fully and unequivocally leave the custom saber community in a professional capacity, he maintains that he will “likely remain somewhat active within some of the Facebook saber groups through my personal account”.

Read Shameem’s complete Facebook announcement here

screenshot of Shameem’s complete Facebook announcement from August 3, 2019

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Shameem Moshrefzadeh
Image depicts sabersmith Shameem Moshrefzadeh

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