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Blue Force Sabers Tyro Saber has been released. The custom saber is a simple, elegant and affordable starter lightsaber with a slimmed-down design and an LED module built into the blade. A removable, decorative tsuba (handguard) is included as well. Tyro Saber is configured as an RGB stunt saber (no sound). Tyro Saber hilts come in different colors and slightly different designs, giving each saber its own personality.

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Blue Force Sabers Tyro Saber
A Sith-themed Tyro Saber (left) and a look at various tsuba, hilts, and the LED unit (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Blue Force Sabers

The Tyro Saber is comprised of a one-piece steel body with a long rubber or leather grip section. The removable decorative tsuba attaches to the blade with a retention screw. An aluminum pommel attaches to the bottom of the body. The hilt’s slim design, which is slightly over 1 inch in diameter, facilitates easier spinning and maneuvering. A D-ring is attached to a lower side of the hilt (the D-ring belt clip is included as well). The retention screws for the blade and for the tsuba are included.

The thick walled (i.e. heavy grade) polycarbonate blade is double diffused and 1 inch in diameter. The capsule LED unit, which features three high-powered LEDs on the top, attaches to base of the blade. The blade features 9 presents, and offers 7 different modes of blade effects.

The Tyro Saber’s hilt is hollow. ALL of the electronics are contained within the blade itself. The lightsaber wielder may change the balance point by seating the blade as shallow or as deep inside the hilt as they would like. The lightsaber runs on 1 AAA battery (either standard or rechargeable). Blue Force Sabers estimates a 2 – 4 hour runtime on the saber before the battery would need changing or charging.

Blue Force Sabers is a United States based custom saber company that sells custom sabers, lightsaber tsuba, sound fonts and saber stands.

Blue Force Sabers Etsy Store affiliate link
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Image depicts a Green Lantern themed Tyro Saber

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