Saberforge Shipping Speed: What You Should Know

Since Saberforge is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world, lightsaber enthusiasts often ask, “How long does it take for a Saberforge order to ship?”

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Saberforge posts their lead times in two common places:
1) On the Saberforge website Help > Orders & Shipping > Lead Times
2) In the Saberforge order confirmation email after you make a purchase

The lead time is the amount of time it takes for Saberforge to ship the order. The current lead time posted on the Saberforge website is 9 to 11 weeks. Saberforge lead times DO fluctuate and can change at any time. If you’re reading this article a day later or a two years later, the lead time may have changed.

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Saberforge states that their lead times primary fluctuate due to: availability of materials, the time of year, and the volume of orders. If Saberforge doesn’t have all of the materials available to construct a certain hilt design, then the hilt will go out of stock. The time of the year also affects the lead time. Although people buy lightsabers year round, some seasons are busier than others. The holiday season tends to be a busy lightsaber buying season, especially since lightsabers are commonly purchased as gifts. Lightsaber business tends to spike around the time of a new Star Wars movie release as well, which may also correspond with the holiday season.

Keep in mind that the Saberforge lead time is an estimate and it’s always possible your order may be delayed. I experienced a very bad shipping delay from Saberforge in 2017. I had been quoted a 4-5 week lead time, but the order did not ship for over 3 months. Saberforge attributed the delay to a quality control problem. Since the order was delayed, the company offered me two options:
1) Wait for my order.
2) Substitute the item for an in stock item. I would need to pay more for a more expensive hilt or Saberforge would refund the difference if I selected an hilt of a lesser value.

Saberforge did not offer the opportunity to cancel the order and receive a full refund, even though my order was delayed 2 months.

This extreme Saberforge delay only happened to me once. I’ve made several other orders with Saberforge that have arrived within the listed lead time. The two most recent orders I made with Saberforge took 7 weeks to ship and I had been quoted a 4 to 8 week lead time. That means Saberforge has generally shipped my orders within the quoted lead time…albeit on the upper end of the quoted lead time. Basically, keep your expectations in the check and don’t get your hopes up that your order will ship quickly.

Reasons for Longer Saberforge Lead Times and Shipping Delays

There are a few reasons your order may take longer to ship. Lightsabers with custom wraps (ito or paracord) or custom finishes (beyond the default options of standard, black, or weathered) have a longer lead time. Pre-order may also take longer since production does not begin until the material arrive. Both pre-orders or even standard orders could also suffer from an unexpected quality control or production related delay.

How to get a Saberforge lightsaber FASTER

If you’d like to purchase and receive a Saberforge lightsaber faster than the lead time on the website, you have four main alternatives: buying from Saberforge Etsy [affiliate link], visiting the Saberforge showroom in Oregon, finding the Saberforge booth at a convention, or purchasing a Saberforge lightsaber second hand.

Saberforge Etsy

The Saberforge Etsy store [affiliate link] offers faster lead time than the Saberforge website, but the selection is much more limited. Also, Saberforge Etsy items are excluded from sales on

Saberforge Showroom

Saberforge has a showroom in Oregon City, Oregon that’s open to the public. Lightsaber enthusiasts may visit the showroom and purchase a lightsaber in person. The showroom is open 7 days a week.

Saberforge Booth at a Fan Convention

Saberforge sells their lightsabers on site at fan conventions around the county. In the past, Saberforge has set up a booth at conventions like: FanX, Megacon, and Silicon Valley Con.

Second Hand Saberforge Lightsabers

Saberforge lightsabers turn up on the second hand market on eBay [affiliate link] and on Facebook, although the selection is limited. Sellers in the second hand market often ship lightsabers within days of purchase. Always be careful purchasing items second hand and consider second hand items do not qualify for the Saberforge warranty.

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How long did you wait for Saberforge to ship your order? How long are you willing to wait for a lightsaber company to ship your order? Please comment below.

Image depicts three Saberforge lightsabers (left to right): Saberforge Phoenix, Saberforge Justicar, and a custom Saberforge ASP lightsaber

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