Pre-ordering a lightsaber: What you should know

In the custom lightsaber community ‘pre-order’ can mean a few different things. One common use of the word ‘pre-order’ is for a brand new product that has not been manufactured or released yet. If you pre-order the product, then you will be one of the first people to receive the product once it’s completed and shipped to you. Some custom saber companies also use the term ‘pre-order’ to denote an existing sold out item that buyer may purchase with the expectation of a delay to shipping of their order.

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Choosing to spend money on a pre-order, whether the pre-order is for a new product or existing product, can be riskier than purchasing an in stock item. Although companies often provide an expected shipping date for pre-order items, the estimated shipping dates are not guaranteed and the product can be delayed due to research and design, manufacturing, quality control, fulfillment issues, etc.

Pre-ordering from a brand new custom saber manufacturer is also risky due to the company’s lack of a proven track record. For example, a new company could allow pre-orders on an seemingly attractive or revolutionary lightsaber design and delay the release date of the saber by months or even years while sitting on the pre-order money from their buyers. If your pre-order shipping date keeps getting delayed, make sure you know how long you have to open an Item Not Received case with your credit card company or payment processor. For example, Paypal allows buyers to open ‘Item Not Received’ cases within 180 days of the purchase [as of 9/25/2018].

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What do you think about pre-ordering lightsabers versus purchasing in stock items?

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