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Saberforge Nihilist lightsaber

Custom saber manufacturer Saberforge opened the new Nihilist lightsaber hilt run for pre-orders. Nihilist is a Darth Nihilus inspired lightsaber hilt. The production of the run will only begin once Saberforge receives a minimum of 35 pre-orders. Saberforge states the run will take 8 weeks to produce after it’s started. The Nihilist emitter area is designed … Read more

Pre-ordering a lightsaber: What you should know

In the custom lightsaber community ‘pre-order’ can mean a few different things. One common use of the word ‘pre-order’ is for a brand new product that has not been manufactured or released yet. If you pre-order the product, then you will be one of the first people to receive the product once it’s completed and … Read more