Ripper Blades Launches ‘Ripper Clones’, A Budget Friendly Sister site

Custom lightsaber blade company Ripper Blades, known primarily for producing artisan flat acrylic lightsaber blades, opened a new sister website called Ripper Clones. Ripper Clones are budget friendly, ready to ship versions of Ripper Blades. The Ripper Clones website states that orders ship within 48 hours.

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Note: This article contains affiliate links.

Ripper Clones are much simpler in design than their Ripper Blades counterparts. (The lightning effect within the Ripper Clones blades is smaller and less detailed, for example, than the lightning effect in Ripper Blades.) Ripper Clones also offer fewer customizing options and all of the current Ripper Clones blades are clear, flat acrylic blades.

During the Ripper Clones launch, the company is offering a Cloned Mini Spearhead Ripper Blade for $25 (reg. $30, while supplies last). The Cloned Mini Spearhead Ripper Blade is a 8.5” long, 3/8” thick blade.

The current inventory of Ripper Clones ranges in price from the $25 Cloned Mini Spearhead Ripper Blade up to the $85 Cloned Excalibur Ripper Blade and Clone Oni Koroshi Ripper Blade.

The Ripper Blades introduction of Ripper Clones is likely a response to increased competition in the flat acrylic lightsaber blade market from other vendors. Although Ripper Blades pioneered the flat acrylic lightsaber blade, other custom saber companies including ACLightsabers and Kyberlight, have started producing and selling their own flat acrylic lightsaber blades as well.

Ripper Clones website

Ripper Blades on Etsy

Ripper Blades website

IMAGE CREDIT: Ripper Clones

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