Saberforge adds controversial new blasters to website (Evike airsoft)

Saberforge, one of the biggest and most established custom lightsaber manufacturers in the United States, just expanded their product line to include blasters. Adding blasters to the custom saber website is a controversial move because most of the blasters are allegedly just marked up blasters from the website Evike, a leading airsoft gun manufacturer. Saberforge does not disclose in the product page that the blasters are Evike products. Also, two of the blasters on the Saberforge website are modeled after the Overwatch series, rather than Star Wars.

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The Saberforge blasters do not use a soundboard. Saberforge does say that if the blasters become popular sellers the company hopes to developed a soundboard and possibly a modular blaster system.

Many fans are upset about Saberforge’s blasters for several reasons. Some fans are upset because the blasters are marked up by up to $100 higher than the Evike website. Others dislike Saberforge’s failure to disclose that they’re selling Evike products. Many people are also upset about Saberforge for censoring fans asking about the blasters. Several fans on the Saberforge facebook page have asked Saberforge to confirm that they’re reselling Evike products, rather than blasters designed and manufactured in-house by Saberforge. Saberforge has deleted the Evike related comments and banned multiple people from the page altogether just for mentioning Evike and asking for Saberforge to clarify the origins of the blasters.

Saberforge already sells other major products on their website manufactured by third party companies. Saberforge added the Youngling Saber, a budget sound saber manufactured by China based YDD Saber, in early 2018. Saberforge seems to be trying to diversify their inventory in order to maintain their market share and profit stream in the increasing crowded and competitive custom lightsaber market.

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