One Replicas SSMp Super Stunt Lightsaber (Jan 2022) | New Saber Alert

One Replicas SSMp lightsaber

The One Replicas SSMp Super Stunt Lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is inspired by the Darth Vader lightsaber (i.e. MPP lightsaber). Like the other hilts in the Super Stunt lightsaber product line, SSMp has low profile features and a slimmed-down design. One Replicas SSMp lightsaber is available as an empty hilt capable of … Read more

REVIEW Korbanth MPP Lightsaber | Shameem Scorched Weathering

Let’s take a look at a Korbanth MPP lightsaber hilt with custom scorched weathering by Shameem. The custom saber hilt, which is inspired by the design of the Darth Vader lightsaber, is heavily weathered to point of appearing extremely blackened or charred, as if the lightsaber has been recovered from a fire.