ULTRA RARE Electronic Arts (EA) Cal Kestis Lightsaber Replica | A Closer Look

The extremely rare and realistic Electronic Arts (EA) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Cal Kestis lightsaber replica is the only official Cal Kestis lightsaber replica ever produced. Only a handful of the lightsaber replicas are known to exist.

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Electronic Arts (EA) bundled the metal Cal Kestis lightsaber replica with an exclusive Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order press kit in November 2019. EA distributed the press kit to a select group of media influencers in order to promote the November 15, 2019 release of the Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order action-adventure video game. The EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica was available as a promotional press kit item only and was not available for purchase.

Note: YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd and eBay seller hovaflips (affiliate link) allowed SaberSourcing to use their images of the EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica in this article.

EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica promo with wooden stand | IMAGE CREDIT YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd

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The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order press kit, which is packaged in a black wooden case, is comprised of:
a limited-edition replica of Cal Kestis’ lightsaber (the same one seen in the game)
wooden lightsaber stand with name plate
a Deluxe Edition token for the game on Xbox One
a limited-edition 2TB Seagate Hard Drive
an additional Deluxe Edition game token and ten Xbox Game Pass tokens for the influencer to give away on their channel

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The EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica is a full size metal prop replica. YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd characterizes the hilt as being “quite heavy”. The lightsaber hilt replica is intended for display purposes only and features an extremely detailed, weathered and battle worn appearance. The hilt exhibits an blackened, tarnished look along with various scraps and scratches. The bottom of the EA lightsaber hilt looks ripped and broken with wires sticking out. The ‘damaged’ base of the hilt particularly strongly resembles the broken Cal Kestis lightsaber depicted in the game and in promotional artwork.

The press kit includes an attractive wooden lightsaber stand for displaying the promotional EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica. A layer of dark fabric covers the bottom of the base of the stand. A dedicated engraved name plate adorns the front of the stand base. The gold colored name plate reads, “Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order EA 11.15.2019” (the release date of the game was November 15, 2019). Two acrylic stand clips, which cradle the lightsaber hilt, attach to the top of the wooden stand base.

Although the lightsaber was never officially available for sale, as of July 7, 2020, one EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica has been listed on eBay (affiliate link). Here are some photos of the lightsaber replica eBay listing (used with the permission of the seller).

EA Cal Kestis Lightsaber Replica | IMAGE CREDIT eBay seller hovaflips (affiliate link)

Very few EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica were ever produced, making the hilt particularly rare and sought after as a collector’s item. At least five YouTubers have posted video unboxings or reviews of the EA Cal Kestis lightsaber replica including: Cinematic Captures, GameFever TH, HelloGreedo, Hova, Star Wars HQ, and TheRelaxingEnd. It’s unclear exactly how many of the lightsaber hilt replicas were produced and distributed.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure video game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA) on November 15, 2019. The game was generally favorably received and has sold over 10 million units as of March 31, 2020.

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COVER IMAGE CREDIT YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd
Image depicts the promotional EA Cal Kestis lightsaber prop and wooden stand

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