REVIEW Saberforge Shadow Hunter Lightsaber (Weathered)

The Saberforge Shadow Hunter lightsaber is a custom saber with a Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) style aesthetic. The thin neck saber boasts a wide, ‘saucer’ section in the emitter area. The hilt is available in one of three finishes: Standard (two-tone black and silver), Weathered (tarnished black), and Black. The hilt in this review is Weathered. Saberforge discontinued Shadow Hunter in 2019.

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As a thin neck saber, Shadow Hunter requires the use of a 1 inch diameter thin neck blade. A grid-like pattern of grooves encircle the distinctive ‘saucer section’ at the top of the hilt. The hilt narrows at the thin neck section. A few additional thin, horizontal grooves encircle the lower part of the emitter section. The hilt narrows slightly at the switch section, which features two switch holes.

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The grip section encompasses the lower half of the hilt. One side of the grip section shroud features a rounded cutout section that reveals a series of horizontal grooves. Another side of the grip section features a thin, grooved outline of an oval. In some Saberforge stock photos, the cutout section is situated on the front face of the the hilt aligned with the switch holes. In other Saberforge stock photos, the cutout section and grooved oval outline both face outward.

Saberforge Shadow Hunter hilt with two different grip section orientations | IMAGE CREDIT Saberforge

A series of horizontal grooves encircle the vented pommel. The pommel tapers at the end, echoing the aesthetic of the ‘saucer section’ in the emitter area.

Saberforge Etsy Store affiliate link

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world. The company offers an extensive variety of hilt designs.

Image depicts a Saberforge Shadow Hunter (Weathered) lightsaber hilt

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  1. This looks like an ASP build? SaberForge doesn’t have a standard hilt in their shop called Shadow Hunter. They also don’t make a thin neck saber with a Tsuba or “saucer section” above it. While it may look aesthetically pleasing to some, it’s not very practical for combat if you put additional weight right above the thinnest section of the hilt like that.


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