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What is a Graflex conversion kit? | Lightsaber Terminology

A Graflex conversion kit is a bundle of lightsaber parts intended to make a Graflex style lightsaber hilt look more like a configuration from a specific Star Wars movie. Although a lightsaber enthusiast could source exterior Graflex lightsaber parts piecemeal, a Graflex conversion kit helps conveniently group together many of the necessary pieces.

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The Graflex lightsaber–also known as the Skywalker lightsaber, Anakin’s lightsaber, Luke’s lightsaber, Rey’s lightsaber, or The Original Lightsaber–has a slightly different exterior configuration in each Star Wars movie. A Graflex conversion kit increases the screen accuracy of the hilt to make it look more like the lightsaber is from one specific movie.

Some aspects of the hilt that change from movie to movie include: grip section, D-ring, buttons/thumbscrews, etc, activation switch, etc. The lightsaber hilt shown in the article is a Graflex style hilt from Jeffrey Parks (eBay seller aynranfan) and it’s in the Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back configuration.

A Graflex conversion kit is NOT related to a Force FX conversion kit. A Force FX conversion kit includes some of the internal components necessary to make a Force FX lightsaber duel worthy while a Graflex conversion kit only includes external hilt parts.

Contents of a Graflex Conversion Kit
Conversion kits may contain different items. Conversion kits commonly include: a clamp card (or bubble strip), D-ring, T-track grips (different lengths; notched or not notched), and sometimes other greeblies.

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COVER IMAGE: aynranfan Graflex style lightsaber (Empire Strikes Back configuration)

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