belt hanger lightsaber on belt

What is a belt hanger? | Lightsaber Terminology

A belt hanger refers to a lightsaber prop worn on or near the belt of a Star Wars costume. A belt hanger is typically detailed and realistic in its appearance, but may lack electronics or any functionality.

The lightsaber prop is commonly outfitted with a Covertec wheel or a ring (D-ring, Tri-ring, or O-ring) in order to enable the lightsaber to attach to a corresponding belt clip. Less commonly, a belt hanger is worn on or near the belt using lightsaber holster instead of a belt clip.

Some Star Wars fans construct their own belt hanger using found parts from a hardware store, home improvement store, or their own garage. The creative DIY project may be extremely cost effective, depending on the parts and tools used during the project. Many custom saber companies sell empty hilts that may serve as belt hangers as well.

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belt hanger lightsaber on belt

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