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This is a custom MHS Lightsaber Hilt that I’m calling Noble Radiance. Noble Radiance is an empty hilt comprised of Modular Hilt System V1 (MHS V1) parts from The Custom Saber Shop, a United States based custom lightsaber parts store. The custom hilt design is similar in design to a simplified version of the Leia lightsaber in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

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What’s neat about this combination of MHS parts is the hilt design, especially due to the copper vein powder coating, is similar in appearance to the Leia lightsaber in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Although the design is not screen accurate by any means, the Noble Radiance lightsaber hilt’s radiator style emitter along with selective textured, copper vein powder coating give the design undertones of the General’s lightsaber, albeit in a more simplified form.

Noble Radiance is comprised of these parts:
x 1 MHS V1 Blade Holder Style 14 (with powder coated, copper vein accents)
x 1 8-32 Thumbscrew (diamond knurled)
x 1 MHS V1 Choke Style 1 Short
x 1 MHS V1 Hilt Body Style 5 (7″ Fluted double female threaded connector) with copper vein powder coating
x 1 MHS V1 MPS Pommel Style 3
x 1 MHS V1 MPS Brass Pommel Insert Style 1
x 1 MHS V1 MPS Clip (to hold the pommel insert in place)

These pieces, along with the copper vein powder coating service, may be obtained from The Custom Saber Shop.

Noble Radiance is equipped with MHS V1 Blade Holder Style 14, a radiator style emitter comprised of three ringed sections. Each ringed section features a groove in its center. The copper vein powder coating covers most of the emitter section, except for the top of the piece and the side of the ‘rings’, which remain the original metallic silver color (the top of the emitter does features some subtle “tarnish” weathering, however). The selective copper vein coloring makes the emitter appear more three dimensional, due to the contrasting colors. If the entire section had been powder coated the same color, the emitter section wouldn’t visually pop out of the hilt nearly as much.

The side of the emitter section features an 8-32 thumbscrew. The thumbscrew, which is diamond knurled on the side, serves as both a greebie and a potential blade retention screw.

Below the emitter piece, the hilt tapers at the neck, MHS V1 Choke Style 1. The neck, which is metallic silver in color, references Original Trilogy style hilts like the Luke ROTJ lightsaber and Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber.

Below the neck, the hilt widens out again at the main body, MHS V1 Hilt Body Style 5. Fluted sections encircle the body. Unlike the emitter section, which uses selective powder coating, the 7 inch long hilt body section is entirely covered in copper vein powder coating.

Noble Radiance features two sections with copper vein powder coating: the emitter section and the body section. Copper vein is one of only three textured powder coating options offered by The Custom Saber Shop. Copper vein has a speckled black copper appearance. Consider if, you add the powder coating service to your order from The Custom Saber Shop, you will pay for the powder coating by piece, you order lead time may be extended by a few weeks, and any powder coated pieces are NOT returnable due to the custom nature of the piece.

Finally, an MHS V1 MPS Pommel Style 3 caps of the end of the hilt. The pommel tapers, decreasing in diameter as you go down. An MHS V1 MPS Brass Pommel Insert Style 1 is attached to the pommel with the c-shaped, MPS Clip.

Overall, Noble Radiance, a custom MHS Lightsaber Hilt, is a pretty cool simplified version of a Leia inspired lightsaber and you can easily make one just like this with parts from The Custom Saber Shop, if you’d like.

The Custom Saber Shop website

The Custom Saber Shop, based in the United States, is one of the largest dedicated custom lightsaber parts stores in the world.

Image depicts Noble Radiance lightsaber hilt

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