Copper Vein Powder Coating: A Rich And Vibrant Finish

Copper vein powder coating is an attractively nuanced and textured powder coating option for lightsaber hilts or other metal items. Powder coating is a common and popular dry finishing process method for protecting or adding a color/texture to a custom lightsaber hilt.

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Copper vein powder coating example on a lightsaber hilt | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Copper vein is an attractive and popular powder coating option for several reasons. The textured composition of the copper vein finish can be more visually interesting than a powder coating finish that is smooth and solid. The texture also hides imperfections in the metal. Additionally, a copper vein powder coat is rich, warm and vibrant in its copper color. Speckled black accents add depth and color variation to the finish. The intriguing copper and black color combination can give the lightsaber hilt a sophisticated antique or relic vibe. The reddish black coloring also slightly resembles pink granite.

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS) added the copper vein powder coating to the aluminum lightsaber hilt in this article (read my review of the lightsaber Noble Radiance here). The company provides a powder coating service for their lightsaber parts. Many color and texture options are available.

The Custom Saber Shop (TCSS)

Image depicts an aluminum lightsaber with a copper vein powder coated finish.

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