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Ripper Clones is a United States based company offering custom, Darksaber style, flat acrylic lightsaber blades. The handmade flat blades, which vary in length and style, are designed to be compatible with most custom saber hilts (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, Korbanth, Sabertrio, Electrum Sabercrafts, etc.). Ripper Clones offers a selection of more budget friendly flat acrylic lightsaber blades than its sister company, Ripper Blades. Ripper Clones offers “raw” DIY Ripper Blades Kits as well.

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Ripper Clones

Ripper Clones Clone Darksaber Blade (top left), DIY Ripper Blade Kit Butcher’s Wife (lower left), Ripper Clones Cloned Arrowhead Blade (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Ripper Clones

The Ripper Clones blades range in price from $20 for some DIY Ripper Blade Kits up to $85 for some of the longer, more ornate, completed designs. Each blade features a cylindrical blade tang (stem). The blade tang is offered in several diameters: 1 inch diameter, 7/8 inch diameter, and 3/4 inch diameter (by request only). Multiple blade tang length options are available as well. The blade designs and blade lengths vary by model, ranging from 7 inches long to over 30 inches long. All of the flat acrylic blades are show blades only and are NOT duel worthy.

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DIY Ripper Blade Kits

One of the unique offerings of Ripper Clones are the DIY Ripper Blade Kits. DIY Ripper Blade Kits are “raw” flat blades made from the original Ripper Blade design by Gary Ripper. The lightsaber enthusiast must finish, engrave, and decorate the “raw” blade as a DIY project.

Ripper Clones Flat Blades

The Ripper Clones Flat Acrylic Blades are finished, clear, flat acrylic lightsaber blades with frosted edges and decorative blade lightning etched into one face of the blade. Ripper Clones offers 16 different finished flat blade designs. The 7 inch long Ripper Clones Cloned Arrowhead Blade is one of the more popular items in the store.

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Ripper Clones Etsy affiliate link

Ripper Clones

Ripper Clones, a sister company of Ripper Blades, launched in September 2018.

Image depicts various Ripper Clones flat acrylic lightsaber blades

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