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What is blade lightning? | Lightsaber Terminology

Blade lightning is a decorative design feature on a lightsaber blade intended to look like the electrostatic discharge from a thunderstorm or from Force lightning. Blade lightning adds an attractive and exciting visual energy to a lightsaber blade’s design.

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Flat acrylic lightsaber blades, like Ripper Blades, often feature a blade lightning design that’s engraved into the blade. Specialty polycarbonate tube blades, like Ripper Blades Unstable Blades or the Kyberlight Crackle Blade, incorporate blade lightning into the design as well.

Blade lightning may also be purchased or added onto the blade as an attachment. MU4MA6 (Shapeways) offers several styles of 3D printed, external blade lightning attachments that are designed to connect to a 1 inch diameter cylindrical lightsaber blade.

Ripper Blades (Etsy) United States flat acrylic blades, unstable blades (cylindrical)
Ripper Blades United States flat acrylic blades, unstable blades (cylindrical)
Ripper Clones United States flat acrylic blades
Kyberlight United States flat acrylic blades, Crackle Blade (cylindrical)
MU4MA6 (Shapeways) blade lightning (3D printed blade attachment)
sdalton256 (eBay) United States flat acrylic blades

COVER IMAGE CREDIT: Ripper Blades (left) and MU4MA6 (right)
Image depicts Ripper Blades Goddess Ripper Blade (left) and MU4MA6 LightSaber Blade Lightning 005 (right)

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