Ripper Clones Cloned Arrowhead Ripper Blade Review | Flat Acrylic Blade

The Ripper Clones Cloned Arrowhead Ripper Blade is a small, Darksaber-style, flat acrylic blade by Ripper Clones. Ripper Clones is a budget friendly flat acrylic lightsaber blade website operated by Ripper Blades.

Ripper Clones
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The Ripper Clones Cloned Arrowhead Ripper Blade is both the smallest and least expensive flat acrylic Ripper Blades design. Mini Arrowhead measures only 7 inches long. By comparison, a typical full size lightsaber blade is about 36 inches long.

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The Arrowhead blade features a diamond-like, triangular-shaped design. The blade itself is made of a transparent acrylic plastic. The blade’s frosted edges and etched blade lightning on its face illuminate in the color of the lightsaber’s LED. A white LED is optimal for illuminating a flat acrylic blade, although other colors will look great as well. The blade lightning is etched into only one side of the blade.

Ripper Clones offers the blade with a cylindrical blade tang that measures either 1 inch in diameter or 7/8 inch in diameter (or 3/4 inch, by request). The blade tang, which attaches to a custom saber hilt, is compatible lightsaber hilts from most custom saber companies (e.g. Ultrasabers, Saberforge, Vader’s Vault, etc.). The blade tang, sometimes referred to as a “blade stem”, is the section of the blade that seats inside a lightsaber hilt. In addition to the blade tang diameter, the buyer may select from blade tang lengths ranging from 1.5 inches long to 5 inches long.

Overall, the Ripper Clones Clone Arrowhead blade is a fun, albeit small flat acrylic lightsaber blade with an attractive price point.

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Ripper Clones

Ripper Clones, which is operated by Ripper Blades, is a United States based budget friendly custom flat acrylic lightsaber blade company.

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