Saberforge Bastion Lightsaber Hilt Full Review

The Saberforge Bastion Lightsaber Hilt is an Apprentice Saber, meaning it’s one of the more affordably-priced Saberforge hilts with a bit more a basic design. The standard finish hilt is two-toned and predominantly metallic silver in color with some black accents throughout. Many thin grooves are incorporated into the design, creating a grid-like effect in some places. Saberforge released Bastion in 2016.

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  • Saberforge Bastion lightsaber (front)
  • Saberforge Bastion lightsaber (rear)
  • Saberforge Bastion lightsaber (emitter)
  • Saberforge Bastion lightsaber (pommel)
  • Saberforge Bastion lightsaber with pommel removed

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Saberforge Bastion is 10.8 inches long and 1.35 inches in diameter. The slim and somewhat simple design of Saberforge Bastion a more or less uniform, cylindrical shape throughout the hilt without many bulk or protruding features.

The hilt design features serrated windows at the top in the emitter area and complementary series of serrated sound vents at the bottom in the side of the pommel. Both sets of serrations are thin, stadium-shaped, horizontal slots that encircle the hilt. The serrations are embedded in a long, wide vertical groove.

Below the emitter section, the hilt tapers slightly at a choke point. The switch holes are situated below the taper. The switch holes are flanked on either side by a series of black, stadium-shaped indentations. A series of thin, widely spaced grooves that encircle the grip section. The lower part of the hilt features four horizontal, thin grooves that intersect with the vertical grooves, creating a grid-like pattern (reminds me a bit of a spreadsheet, actually!). The Covertec wheel is situated near the base of the hilt as well. Finally, the vented pommel, featuring both the stadium-shaped serrations on its sides and standard sound vent on the bottom, caps off the end of the hilt.

Despite the overall simplicity of Saberforge Bastion, the lightsaber features appealing grooves and indentations throughout the hilt. Additionally, the stadium-shaped serrations in the emitter and pommel section serve as some of the most defining and attractive features of the hilt.

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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Image depicts a Saberforge Bastion lightsaber hilt (standard finish)

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