What is a ‘beater’ Lightsaber? | Lightsaber Terminology

A ‘beater’ is a somewhat inexpensive lightsaber intended for the rigors of everyday use or of everyday dueling. Typically, people do not spend much money on a beater lightsaber. For example, some of the Ultrasabers basic lightsabers, Mystery Box Sabers, or Grab Bag Saber (i.e. stunt sabers under $100) would probably make good ‘beater’ lightsabers.

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A beater will not usually be your prized possession of your collection. A  beater is typically something more basic in design and function while still being somewhat durable. Opinions on what’s considered ‘durable’ vary widely, but a Hasbro Force FX lightsaber would not be considered durable since they use string blades and they’re not intended for dueling. A Hasbro Force FX lightsaber would not likely be considered a ‘beater’ unless it was converted to an in-hilt LED version.

Many basic Ultrasabers hilt models along with some Saberforge hilts would be considered beaters. Pach Store actually describes one of their lightsabers as a beater–a lightsaber called The Dueler (I don’t currently have any experience with that saber).

I primarily associate the term ‘beater’ with a junky car that someone acquires in order to get from point A to point B. Many people have either owned or known friends who owned a beater car–the same definition applies to lightsabers.

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Do you own a ‘beater’ lightsaber? How does your ‘beater’ compare to one of your nicer lightsabers?

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