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RENEVforge released a custom metal coupler intended to be compatible with Savi’s Workshop lightsabers from Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The custom coupler, which is not licensed or endorsed by Disney, is designed to connect together two Savi’s Workshop lightsabers in order to form a saberstaff or double-bladed lightsaber. Neither Savi’s Workshop nor any other store inside Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge currently sells any type of officially licensed Savi’s Workshop lightsaber coupler. Savi’s Workshop is a build your own lightsaber experience at Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge.

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The RENEVforge custom metal coupler is designed to be compatible with Savi’s Workshop lightsabers. | IMAGE CREDIT RENEVforge

RENEVforge’s custom coupler is threaded and machined out of aluminum. RENEVforge calls the coupler a “Connected Pommel” or “Connect 2 Together”. Each end of the RENEVforge Connected Pommel is threaded and screws into the bottom of Savi’s Workshop hilt base (i.e. chassis).

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RENEVforge released several additional custom coupler designs on December 19, 2019. The company also offers a shorter PLA plastic coupler.

Founded in 2019, RENEVforge is a United States based custom saber company. RENEVforge specializes in developing custom sleeves, pommels, and emitters intended to be compatible with Savi’s Workshop lightsabers.

RENEVforge eBay page affiliate link

Image depicts custom RENEVforge Connected Pommel.

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