5 Types of Lightsabers Couplers

5 types of lightsaber couplers

A lightsaber coupler or connector joins two lightsaber hilts together to make a saberstaff or double-bladed lightsaber. Let’s take a look at 5 of most common types of lightsaber couplers. Consider that some of the coupler types can be combined. For example, the Ultrasabers Quick Release Coupler is also adjustable and vented. 1. Solid Coupler (No … Read more

How does a coupler line up the buttons on a double-bladed lightsaber?

lining up lightsabers

Many custom saber companies design lightsabers that can be connected together with a coupler to create a Darth Maul style double-bladed lightsaber or saberstaff. Lightsaber enthusiasts like the idea of lining up the buttons and Covertec wheels of the two hilts, simply because a double-bladed lightsaber with aligned buttons looks better than a lightsaber with … Read more