Ultrasabers Initiate V5 vs Initiate V4 Lightsaber Hilt Comparison

Let’s compare an Ultrasabers Initiate V5 lightsaber hilt to is predecessor the Ultrasabers Initiate V4 lightsaber hilt. Both hilt designs are part of the Ultrasabers Core Saber line-up, which is comprised of some of the custom saber company’s most affordable, entry-level lightsabers.

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Unlike many other custom saber companies, Ultrasabers continues to manufacture multiple previous versions of a some of the Core Saber hilts even after the company releases a brand new version. For example, although Ultrasabers released Initiate V5 in late 2018, the company continues to manufacture Initiate V4 along with Initiate V3 and Initiate V2.

Visually, the base level of the design of the Initiate V5 and Initiate V4 looks similar. Basically, the Initiate V5 lightsaber hilt looks like Initiate V4 with a added claws and windows in the emitter, a different grenade grip, and a different clawed pommel.

Ultrasabers Initiate V5 emitter section with windows and claws (left) and Initiate V4 emitter section

Emitter Area
Initiate V5 comes standard with the claws and windows in the emitter. Initiate V4 features a smooth emitter area (option windows in the emitter upgrade available).

Activation Switch
Initiate V5 stunt sabers and sound sabers come standard with an AV switch. Initiate V4 stunt sabers and sound sabers come standard with a guarded switch (optional AV switch upgrade available).

Grip Section Style
Initiate V5 features a textured grenade grip style grip section. Initiate V4 features a series of smooth and rounded grooves.

The Initiate V5  lightsaber hilt features a claw style pommel. The ‘clawed’ pommel at the bottom of the hilt complements the emitter claws at the top of the hilt. Initiate V4 features a more basic knurled pommel.

Ultrasabers Initiate V5 ‘clawed’ pommel (left) and Initiate V5 ‘knurled’ pommel (right)

Final Thoughts
If you’re looking for a flashier, more decorative lightsaber hilt, Initiate V5 is more ornately adorned with claws, windows in the emitter, and a grenade style grip section than Initiate V4. The edges make the Initiate V5 less practical to use during lightsaber dueling, however.

If you’re looking for a smoother, simpler and calmer design, Initiate V4 may be a better selection. Initiate V4 is also more of the neutral and unassuming design if you intend to mod the hilt or customize it an any way. Initiate V4 is also a safer lightsaber hilt to use during dueling because its overall design is smoother and less jagged than the Initiate V5.

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Do you prefer the Ultrasabers Initiate V5 lightsaber hilt or the Ultrasabers Initiate V4 lightsaber hilt? Please comment below.

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