4 Hidden Benefits of Stunt Sabers (Lightsabers without Sound)

Stunt sabers are custom lightsabers that light up, but don’t make sound. Even though stunt sabers lack all of the cool hums, crackles and clashes that we know and love, here are 4 hidden benefits of stunt sabers.

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1. Stunt Sabers are More Affordable Than Sound Sabers
Stunt sabers tend to be very affordable custom lightsabers. Many stunt sabers can range in price from around $100 to $250, depending on the quality and complexity of the design. A comparable sound saber is often at least $100-$200 more expensive than a stunt saber.

The lower price point of stunt sabers can make them more affordable, accessible and appealing to first time lightsaber buyers in particular or anyone looking for a simpler, entry-level type of lightsaber.

2. Stunt Saber Technology Doesn’t Get Outdated as Quickly as Sound Saber Technology
Sound saber technology advances very rapidly. The release of Proffieboard in 2018 was highly disruptive to the custom saber community. Whenever a more advanced board like Proffieboard gets released, lightsaber enthusiasts tend to want to purchase or install a sound saber with the most cutting-edge audio effects, visual effects and features. Older boards become outdated and eventually become obsolete.

Whenever you buy a used sound saber, you need to know which version a soundboard is installed in the lightsaber. The good news is you may be able to find a good deal on a used sound saber with an outdated soundboard. The bad news is you’re getting an outdated sound saber in the process.

Most stunt sabers don’t even use any type of board inside the lightsaber at all! If a lightsaber doesn’t use board, then the board can’t get outdated.

3. Stunt Sabers Use Simple Electronics
Most stunt sabers use a very basic electronics setup comprised primarily of an LED module, activation switch and batteries. Stunt sabers occasionally use controllers like CoreFX or Spectra V2 in order to add visual effects, however, stunt sabers are not required to use a controller. Most stunt sabers don’t use a board/controller.

Simpler electronics mean that the stunt saber may be easier to repair and harder to damage than a sound saber. Sound sabers have more moving parts that can break, like the speaker and the sound board. Repairs to a sound saber can also be more costly, time consuming and complex.

Stunt sabers easier and cheaper to build than a sound saber, due to their simpler electronics. If someone is getting into the lightsaber hobby and wants to build their first lightsaber, installing a stunt saber is much easier and doesn’t require high-stakes soldering with an expensive sound module.

4. Stunt Sabers are Quiet
Stunt sabers are quieter than sound sabers. Although many sound sabers utilize a mute function, not all sound sabers offer a mute function. Ultrasabers Obsidian Lite sound saber lack a mute function. Star Wars: The Black Series Force FX lightsabers also like a mute function.

If it’s 11:34pm and you want to do a few lightsaber spins or practice a dulon, then using stunt saber is a much quieter and considerate than a sound saber. As fun as may sound, you probably don’t actually want to wake the kids or freak out the neighbors with all the cool, lightsaber-y sounds of a sound saber.

Several SaberSourcing viewers pointed out that it’s easier to use quiet stunt sabers while filming a lightsaber battle sequence rather than loud sound sabers. The film maker gains more creative flexibility if they are able to add in and customize lightsaber sounds later in post-production.

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Some lightsaber enthusiasts don’t consider stunt sabers to be ‘real’ lightsabers at all since they don’t make all of the cool lightsaber sounds. Some people jokingly (or disparagingly) refer to stunt sabers as ‘flashlights’ or ‘glow sticks’.

Despite their occasional criticism, stunt sabers play an essential and underrated role in the custom lightsaber market by making lightsabers more accessible to first time lightsaber buyers. The simplicity of stunt sabers along with their affordable price point drastically lower the barrier to entry for people new to the lightsaber hobby.

Are stunt sabers ‘real’ lightsabers or are stunt sabers simply ‘flashlights’?

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