Ultrasabers Guardian Pommel Full review | MHS compatible

The Ultrasabers Guardian pommel, which is a Prequel Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi style pommel, comes in two versions: an MHS compatible version and a Replacement version, which is designed specifically with a 1.725 outside diameter.

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The pommel in this article came with an Ultrasabers Dark Mantis hilt. Since the Dark Mantis has a bit of a wider diameter, the so-called Replacement pommel is a better fit for the Dark Mantis hilt. If you’re planning to use the Ultrasabers Guardian pommel with most other lightsaber hilt models, you would likely select the MHS compatible pommel instead.

The Guardian pommel is compatible with most Ultrasabers lightsabers and also The Custom Saber Shop lightsaber hilts using MHS V1 component.

The Guardian pommel adds 2 inches to the length of the hilt and features sound vents on the bottom. The pommel, which is made out of aluminum, is comprised of three pieces: a vented anodized black base, a metallic-silver colored center cube ring, and the tapered anodized black top piece.

If you’d like to change around the look of the pommel, you could remove the cube ring and attach the base to the top piece. You could also use the pommel base piece as a pommel by itself. The three pieces of the pommel increase the versatility of the Guardian pommel compared to many one-piece pommels.

Ultrasabers also sells a similar pommel called the Scorpion pommel, which is nearly the same, EXCEPT the cube ring portion of the Scorpion pommel is spiked instead of flat, like on the Guardian pommel.

The Guardian pommel is one of the most expensive pommels in the Ultrasabers store, when the pommel is purchased separately. Nevertheless, the Guardian pommel remains a popular and versatile Prequel Trilogy Obi-Wan Kenobi style pommel.

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