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Saberforge makes a really cool item called Metal Round Kill Key. A kill key attaches to a lightsaber recharge port when the lightsaber is not in use. The top part of the Metal Round Kill Key, the metal part, is the piece that is visible from the outside of the lightsaber hilt. Saberforge states that the Metal Round Kill Key is designed for Saberforge Veteran and Hero Tier sabers only.

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Saberforge Metal Round Kill Key | IMAGE CREDIT SaberSourcing

Saberforge offers a few different color options for the Metal Round Kill Key including: Silver (which is shown in the article) along with Brass and Black. Additionally, the Metal Round Kill Key has some attractive diamond knurling around the edge of the piece. The diamond knurling adds a rugged industrial look to the kill key. The part of the kill key that goes into the hilt’s recharge port is a small cylindrical black plastic piece.

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What’s really neat about these metal kill keys is they serve as a functional greeblie, blending in with the design of many lightsaber hilts. The metal kill keys look much more realistic than chromed plastic ones and the metal kill keys also disguise the location of the recharge port on your lightsaber hilt.

Since quite a few lightsaber hilt designs incorporate decorative thumbscrew greeblies into their design anyway (e.g. Saberforge Reliant V2 features a decorative thumbscrew greeblie with a knurled edge near the top of the hilt), the Metal Round Kill Key seamlessly fits in with the design of many hilts.

Saberforge used to offer the Metal Round Kill Key years ago and then discontinued the item in 2016 after releasing new laser cut plastic kill keys. After the metal kill keys were discontinued, lightsaber enthusiasts often wrote on Facebook that they wished Saberforge would offer the item again. In March 2017, sabersmith Shameem Moshrefzadeh created a petition in the Custom Lightsaber Owners Facebook Group for Saberforge to bring back the metal knurled kill keys. “As nice as the newer laser cut [plastic] ones are,” Shameem wrote, “they are nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the older metal ones.” The post has gotten 332 likes (as of May 22, 2020). Saberforge reintroduced the Metal Round Kill Key along with two additional metal kill key designs in late 2019.

Screenshot of 2017 petition to bring back metal knurled kill keys in the Custom Lightsaber Owners Facebook Group

All of the metal kill keys arguably look nicer and more realistic than the standard plastic kill keys. The plastic kill keys do use a chrome coloring on the visible part of the kill key, but they still have a cheaper appearance (and price) than the metal ones.

Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.

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Image depicts Saberforge Metal Round Kill Key

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