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Lux Sabers has unveiled the Ventress Redemption V2 Lightsaber Hilt. The custom saber is based on the design of the yellow-bladed Asajj Ventress lightsaber. The lightsaber is offered as an empty hilt capable of accepting an electronics installation. Ventress Redemption V2 is available for pre-order with an estimated delivery time in summer 2020.

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The Ventress lightsaber design has become increasingly popular among lightsaber enthusiasts. In the 2020 season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, Maul is depicted wielding a saberstaff that appears to incorporate the Ventress lightsaber into its design.

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Lux Sabers Ventress Redemption V2 lightsaber (design subject to change) | IMAGE CREDIT Lux Sabers

“If you are planning to buy the new Maul/Ventress saber,” Lux Sabers writes in the pre-order form, “wait and enter the next run I will do with Watto’s Junkyard. The Ventress saber made for this run will be slightly different in size [from the Maul/Ventress run].”

Lux Sabers Ventress Redemption V2 is a metal hilt made from aluminum 6061 T6. The two-toned hilt, which is equipped with a 7/8 inch blade holder, is metallic silver in color with an anodized black blade holder and anodized black grips. A reveal window is visible under the main sleeve holes. Chassis and heatsink screws are included (chassis and heatsink are sold separately, however). If the buyer purchases two Redemption V2 lightsaber hilts from Lux Sabers, the seller will include a free coupler to combine the hilts into a saberstaff.

The hilt is 28 cm long with blade plug (about 11 inches) or 26.6 cm long without blade plug (about 10.24 inches long). The outside diameter (OD) of the grip section is 35 mm (about 1.5 inches) and the inside diameter (ID) of the grip section is 29 mm (about 1.14 inches).

The hilt is designed to hold many soundboard types including: Nano Biscotte V4, Prizm, Crystal Focus 10 (CFX), or Proffieboard. Redemption V2 may accommodate a 18650 Li-ion battery and a 7/8 inch heatsink. A chassis will be available on Shapeways. A blade plug is included.

Lux Sabers had previously released Ventress Redemption V1 as a limited run in 2019.

Lux Sabers, founded by Patrick Grandi Figueiredo, is a custom saber company based in France. The company offers limited runs of empty and installed lightsabers as well as an assortment of sound fonts.

Lux Sabers (Etsy) affiliate link

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Image depicts a Lux Sabers Redemption V2 lightsaber hilt (design subject to change)

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