REVIEW Roman Props Balance V4 Lightsaber Hilt

The Roman Props Balance V4 lightsaber, a thin neck saber, is a custom saber inspired by the design of the Luke Skywalker ROTJ/TLJ lightsaber. The hilt is sold as an empty hilt and breaks down into several pieces. Balance V4 is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter thin walled blade with an LED with a hole in its center (e.g. a TRI CREE LED).

Roman Props

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Like many Roman Props hilts, Balance V4 could serve as a static display prop with some mild assembly. Balance V4 is also ‘FX ready’, meaning the hilt could be installed with electronics. Thin neck sabers, including this one, are generally not recommending for dueling.

Balance V4 includes a metal blade plug for the emitter. The top of the blade plug extends the length of the hilt by about 0.5 inch. A series of small pinholes encircle the top of the blade plug. A 4-40 blade retention screw secures the blade plug in place. The flanged/flared emitter extends to the widest diameter of the hilt. Then the hilt narrows at the genuine copper thin neck.

The hilt is aluminum overall with some anodized black sections. The ‘zebra pattern’ metallic silver and anodized black upper grip section features deep grooves. The activation box is situated below the grooved section. A clamp card with alternating black and copper colored stripes is attached to the top of the activation box. The black retangular plastic piece is attached to the right side of the box. A small plastic red triangle and small plastic green arrow attach to the above the black plastic piece. The triangles are more an opaque, solid color rather than a semi-transparent color.

The lower third of Balance V4 is primarily a smooth surface that’s metallic silver in color. The hilt narrows a bit and and widens out into classic sink knob/gear tooth style shape. The included tri-ring may be attached to the hilt through a small hole in one of the notches. The hilt includes two pommels: a solid pommel and a vented pommel. The solid pommel is suitable if you intend to configure the saber as a stunt saber (no sound), or use the hilt as a display piece or cosplay piece. The vented pommel is suitable for sound saber configurations.

Romans Props has developed a reputation in the custom saber community for developing high quality, well-made and screen accurate custom sabers and the Roman Props Balance V4 lightsaber is no exception.

Roman Props

Roman Props, based in the United States, is a custom saber company specializing in character inspired empty lightsaber hilts and parts.

Image depicts the Roman Props Balance V4 lightsaber hilt.

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