REVIEW Jawa’s Junkyard Odin’s Wrath Lightsaber (Old Republic style)

Jawa’s Junkyard Odin’s Wrath lightsaber hilt is a 5-piece machined and threaded metal hilt. The custom saber is inspired by the design of the Orgus Din lightsaber. Orgus Din is an Old Republic era Jedi Master (his character is no longer part of Star Wars canon). Odin’s Wrath was released as a limited run in 2018. Jawa’s Junkyard made 40 Odin’s Wrath hilts total.

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Odin’s Wrath is about 10.75 inches long and is is designed to accommodate a 1 inch diameter blade. The hilt kit requires some assembly. Odin’s Wrath may be used as a display piece or installed with with electronics.

The stand-out design elements of the lightsaber are the acid etched shroud and the wood grain patterned, hydro-dipped body. The hilt kit features an assortment of greeblies including a 3D printed translucent blue gem and translucent orange gem (the ‘gems’ are made of resin). The kit also includes a numbered, 3D printed display plaque. The hilt kit also includes a mylar stencil to apply a gold colored, floral engraving pattern to the wood grain section of the hilt.

Jawa’s Junkyard is an Australia based custom saber company that sells custom niche character inspired hilt. Leon Skopilianos founded the company in 2018.

Jawa’s Junkyard (Etsy) affiliate link

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Image depicts a Jawa’s Junkyard Odin’s Wrath lightsaber

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