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The is a vintage Parks Sabers lightsaber than I’m calling the Park Sabers ‘Snowflake’ lightsaber. The custom saber has an Old Republic (SWTOR) style vibe. Parks Sabers founder Jeffrey Parks refers to the hilt as ‘Snowflake’ in a YouTube video interview since the profile of the hilt from the bottom somewhat resembles a snowflake pattern.

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The Parks Sabers ‘Snowflake’ lightsaber is an old school custom saber from the earlier days of custom saber production. The hilt is a bit under 10 inches long and about 1.5 inches in diameter on average. The lightsaber was probably made around 2010 or earlier. Some of the earlier Parks Sabers lightsaber uses different technologies that are less commonly used today. Early Parks Sabers lightsaber use electroluminescent blades (EL blades) and later Phase Blades, which are a type of string blade (a fragile blade with a strip of LEDs inside the blade). Today, the majority of custom sabers are in-hilt LED sabers or cutting-edge neopixel sabers although sabers with string blades are occasionally available as well.

The Parks Sabers ‘Snowflake’ lightsaber is slimmed-down in design and would accommodate a thin-diameter blade. The hilt features a flared emitter with a copper colored decorative activation box area below the emitter. The activation box itself is small and low in profile. The grip section in the middle of hilt features a series of four extruded rings.

The bottom third of the hilt is the distinctive ‘snowflake’ section of the hilt. The lower part of the hilt is encircled with a series of vertical rods, creating a ‘snowflake’ profile on the bottom of the hilt. A combo Covertec wheel and D-ring attaches to the hilt near the base (I’m not sure the Covertec wheel and D-ring are original to the hilt or possibly added later). Finally, the brass pommel can be removed. The pommel is a long brass tube that may be removed from the hilt. There’s a spring in the base for the battery and a long brass pin is situated in the brass section as well.

aynranfan on eBay (operated Jeffrey Parks of Parks Sabers) affiliate link

Parks Sabers, operated by Jeffrey Parks, is a United States based custom saber company that was founded in the 1990s. Jeffrey Parks currently operates the aynranfan eBay account (affiliate link).

Image depicts a Park Sabers lightsaber

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