Roman Props MJV2 Lightsaber Hilt Review

The Roman Props MJV2 Lightsaber Hilt is a custom saber inspired by the design of the Mara Jade lightsaber in the video game Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith (1997). Mara Jade is a character is Star Wars Legends. MJV2 is available as an empty hilt.

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The MJV2 lightsaber hilt is a bit over 11 inches long and a bit under 1.5 inches in diameter. An LED housing and heatsink are included. Roman Props states that the MJV2 works best with a 1 inch diameter thin walled blade, if you decide to install electronics.

The overall hilt design of MJV2 pays homage to Original Trilogy style lightsaber hilts while exhibiting it’s own design flares and personality as well. The slanted emitter, almost s-curved in shape, crowns the top of the hilt. Three gold-colored rings with a gold colored backing plate regally encircle the middle of the emitter, serving as a signature design feature of the hilt. The rings add weight to the hilt, moving the balance point closer to the emitter than some other hilt designs.

A slanted gold colored cutout layered with silver colored cutout echo the slant of the emitter. A recessed activation box, purely a decorative feature, is situated in middle of the front of the hilt. The striped, black and gold pattern of the clamp card, bears some resemble to the Luke Skywalker ROTJ lightsaber hilt clamp card. The rear of the hilt features an AV switch.

A series of long, thin, vertical grooves extend down the hilt, encircling most of the lower half, maybe more like 60%, of the hilt. The black color of the grooves add dimension and offset the overall silver color of the hilt. The vertical grip area obscures a series of vertical slits that serve as sound vents. The sound vents encircle the lower section of the body. A basic, silver colored pommel caps off the end of the hilt. A keychain style O-ring, which may be be used to attach the hilt to a belt clip, extends through a small cylinder on the bottom of the pommel.

Roman Props

Roman Props, based in the United States, is a custom saber company specializing in character inspired empty lightsaber hilts and parts.

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