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The Saberproject Shop Zephyr lightsaber has been unveiled. The custom saber is an original design named after a Greek word for a light breeze or west wind. Zephyr is equipped with a Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 soundboard (CFX) and is available configured with a single LED color or a color changing RGB saber. Saberproject Shop Zephyr will be released on March 15, 2020.

Saberproject Shop

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Saberproject Shop Zephyr lightsaber | IMAGE CREDIT Saberproject Shop

Saberproject Shop Zephyr
is comprised of an aluminum hilt that’s metallic silver in color with anodized black accents. The hilt is mostly uniform in diameter and features horizontal grooves throughout the hilt. The blade holder is comprised of a grooved, radiator style emitter. A recessed 12mm illuminated AV switch (multiple color options are available) is situated below the emitter. A series of horizontal grooves encircle the grip section. A Covertec wheel attaches near the base of the hilt. The hilt narrows slightly at the pommel, which features a series of thin horizontal grooves as well.

Saberproject Shop characterizes the custom saber as combining “an attractive design and good handling”. A 3D printed chassis minimizes the shifting of the saber’s internals (i.e. protected 18650 li-ion battery, CFX soundboard, 22mm 2W speaker). The lightsaber is equipped with a 2.1 mm recharge port (alternatively, the user may swap the battery). A kill key is included. The removable blade (included) attaches to the hilt with a blade retention screw. Additionally, a USB cable, hex wrench, and charger are included. (Note: The charger has an EU plug but can be used worldwide with a plug adapter.)

Saberproject Shop

Saberproject Shop, founded in 2009, is a Germany based custom saber company the makes midrange to high end lightsabers and accessories.

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Saberproject Shop
Image depicts a Saberproject Shop Zephyr lightsaber

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