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The Saberproject Shop Patronus lightsaber has been released. The custom saber is an original design. Patronus shares its name with the Latin word for a guardian or protector (Harry Potter fans may also recognize ‘Patronus’ as an advanced form of magic).

The Patronus operates using a Plecter Labs Crystal Focus 10 soundboard (CFX soundboard) with an in-hilt LED configuration (single color or color changing RGB). Saberproject Shop released the Patronus lightsaber in March 2020.

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Saberproject Shop Patronus lightsaber
Saberproject Shop Patronus with Lightside finish (left) and Darkside finish (right) | IMAGE CREDIT Saberproject Shop

Saberproject Shop Patronus is comprised of an aluminum hilt with a Lightside finish (metallic silver with anodized black accents) or a Darkside finish (anodized black with metallic silver accents). The hilt features a mostly uniform diameter throughout. The emitter flares out slightly at the top of the hilt. A chokes point for spinning and maneuvering is situated above the recessed 12mm illuminated AV switch (multiple color options are available). A series of horizontal grooves encircle the lower grip section of the hilt. A Covertec wheel attaches to hilt below the grooves and above the pommel.

Like several other Saberproject Shop hilts, Patronus balances elegant aesthetics with practical handling and maneuverability. An internal 3D printed chassis minimizes the shifting of the saber’s electronics. The lightsaber uses a 2.1mm recharge port. Alternatively, the 18650 protected Panasonic 3.7 V 3400 mAh li-ion battery is also removable.

The lightsaber includes: a removable blade, a kill key (for the recharge port), USB cable, hex wrench, and charger are included. Note that the charger has an EU plug but may be used worldwide with a plug adapter.

Saberproject Shop

Saberproject Shop, founded in 2009, is a Germany based custom saber company the makes midrange to high end lightsabers and accessories.

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Saberproject Shop
Image depicts Saberproject Shop Patronus lightsabers

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