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Rubie’s Costume Co. makes a Yoda hands costume accessory, which are comprised of a pair of adult sized green three-fingered latex gloves. The Rubie’s Yoda hands, which are very dinosaurlike, have a wrinkled texture with a muted green coloring with a bit of brown layering on top. The nails are tree-like in coloring–brown at the base and tan with some brown accents from the middle to the top of each nail. The gloves are 100% latex, so they have a rubbery feel without any sharp edges, even the nails. The Yoda hands are one size fits all.

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When you slide your hand into a glove, two of your fingers share each of he glove fingers (the thumb gets its own finger). You can still easily grasp things while wearing the gloves since you’re able to use your thumb. You just couldn’t easily type a email or text with the gloves on, though. Since the gloves are latex, they are not breathable and your hands may get sweaty over time.

These Yoda hands are pretty realistic, albeit a bit dinosaur-like, in appearance and would complement a Yoda costume. The Yoda hands could also serve as their own ‘lazy’ or unusual costume. For example, if you wear the Yoda hands along with your regular clothing, preferably with long sleeves, you could just be yourself…but with Yoda hands. It’s like you’re you, but not quite you. Weird. The Yoda hands could also work as a simple ‘costume’ for handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween.

Rubie’s Costume Co. makes officially licensed Star Wars costumes and accessories for adults, kids and pets. The company states that Rubie’s is the “world’s largest costume manufacturer and supplier for Halloween”.

Rubie’s Yoda Hands on Amazon affiliate link

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