Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory Full Review Tsuba Emitter

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory, installed on a Kyberlight hilt

Kyberlight Plasmafier Top Piece Accessory resembles a tsuba (handguard) on a Japanese katana. How the piece works is your slide it over the Kyberlight lightsaber emitter area and attach it to the hilt with a screw. The top piece is also compatible with some Saberforge hilts, but not all, so you need to make sure the Saberforge hilt is thin enough to accommodate the top piece.

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Plasmafier, like some other Kyberlight pieces, is a little bulky, heavy and sturdy. The piece weighs 6.5 ounces and is 3 inches in diameter across the top and 2 inches long. The piece is dual tone, with a metallic-silver colored body and anodized black grooves and a series of 10 anodized black indented circles on the top.


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