Saberforge Introduces Neopixel Lightsabers

Custom saber company Saberforge is now offering a neopixel configuration on their lightsabers. The neopixel sabers run on the Golden Harvest V3 soundboard. The neopixel upgrade is available on many Saberforge lightsaber product lines including: Shoto Sabers, Apprentice Sabers, Elite Sabers, and Exotic Sabers (the affordably priced Saberforge ECO Sabers are NOT available as neopixel sabers).

Saberforge thin neck sabers and crossguard sabers are not currently neopixel compatible, but Saberforge states that future runs of thin neck sabers and crossguard sabers will be neopixel compatible.

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A neopixel lightsaber is a type of RGB custom saber equipped with LED strips inside a removable lightsaber blade. Neopixel lightsabers are brighter, more customizable in appearance, and generally more expensive than lightsabers configured with in-hilt LED.

Saberforge buyers may select the neopixel configuration by choosing “Hero” in the Saber Electronics drop down menu and then by selecting the neopixel option in the Blade Lengths section.
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Saberforge joins the increasing number of custom saber companies offering neopixel lightsaber configurations. Other custom sabers companies currently offering neopixel configurations include: Vader’s Vault, Sabertrio, Electrum Sabercrafts, Korbanth, SaberMach, among others. As of June 2020 custom saber company giant Ultrasabers has yet to offer a neopixel configuration option.

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Saberforge, based in Oregon, is one of the largest custom saber companies in the world.


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