Ultrasabers Announces “Extreme” Lightsaber Parts Delays | Lightsaber Company News

A selection of Ultrasabers lightsabers with various blade colors

Ultrasabers owner Emory Harris announced today that the custom saber company is experiencing “an extreme delay in obtaining [certain lightsaber] parts” due to the “current crisis going on in Asia”. Ultrasabers emailed the announcement to customers with outstanding orders with the company. SaberSourcing was unable to locate the announcement on the Ultrasabers website itself. “We … Read more

Coronavirus is DELAYING lightsaber manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic is delaying lightsaber manufacturing for some custom saber companies. Malaysia based Sabertrio and United States based Kyberlight openly confirmed they are experiencing parts shortages. Both companies source some of their lightsaber parts from areas in China that are currently under mandatory lockdown. Sabertrio has temporarily closed their store due to the parts … Read more

Sabertrio Abruptly Closes Due to Coronavirus Related Parts Shortages

Sabertrio Vektra and Reaver lightsabers

Lightsaber company Sabertrio announced they are temporarily closing their store and that “everything is out of stock for the next 2 – 3 months” due to delays from parts manufactured in China. “Right now, we are experiencing severe delays for components from China,” Sabertrio stated in a post on their Facebook page, “and this is … Read more