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Ultrasabers owner Emory Harris announced today that the custom saber company is experiencing “an extreme delay in obtaining [certain lightsaber] parts” due to the “current crisis going on in Asia”. Ultrasabers emailed the announcement to customers with outstanding orders with the company. SaberSourcing was unable to locate the announcement on the Ultrasabers website itself.

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“We pride ourselves on…having a product that is made in the USA,” Harris said. “However, there are small parts and components that can’t be obtained in bulk anywhere but overseas: battery holder, switches, batteries, chargers, etc.” Harris states that Ultrasabers is exploring alternate ways to obtain the parts and fulfill orders.

“[T]here may be a delay in getting some orders fulfilled,” Harris said. “[W]e appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding.”

The ongoing outbreak of the coronovirus 2019 has caused major disruptions to the custom saber industry and the tech industry as a whole. China, along with other countries, has enacted travel restrictions, quarantines, and mandatory curfews in order to curtail the spread of the disease, causing temporary factory closures and manufacturing and shipping delays.

Prior to the Ultrasabers annoucement, custom saber companies Kyberlight and Sabertrio publicly confirmed lightsaber parts delays as well. Any custom saber company sourcing parts from China may potentially incur parts delays.

The Ultrasabers websites estimates a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks, as of February 24, 2020. Several SaberSourcing viewers have reported enduring lead times over 4 weeks, however. (Source: Comments section of Ultrasabers Lightsaber SHIPPING DELAYS | Jan 2020 [SaberSourcing YouTube Video])

In today’s email announcement, Harris contends that “each and every single order that has already been place[d] and that is placed in the future will be fulfilled.”

Founded in 2005, Ultrasabers is one the largest custom saber companies in the world. Ultrasabers is based in Friendswood, Texas.

Ultrasabers website https://ultrasabers.com

Screenshot of Ultrasabers email announcing an “extreme delay in obtaining [some lightsaber] parts”

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