LGT ‘Severing Ties’ with DX Sabers, a Controversial Reseller

DX Sabers just lost their business agreement with custom saber manufacturer LGT Saber Studio, a major manufacturer of DX Sabers’ custom saber products. Philadelphia based DX Sabers, a custom saber distributor and reseller, has drawn widespread controversy in the lightsaber community since the company’s founding in early 2020.

In a statement, LGT Saber Studio business consultant Pat Gibbons announced, “Effective immediately, we are severing ties to DX Sabers in all forms of business; DX Sabers will no longer be a direct supplier of LGT products.” Gibbons cited widespread DX Sabers related complaints and “claims concerning customer service, legal disputes, the origin and distribution of products, [and] product designs”

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LGT Saber Studio custom sabers
Two custom sabers manufactured by LGT Saber Studio | IMAGE CREDIT LGT Saber Studio

LGT Saber Studio, based in China, is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) company that manufactures many affordably-priced to midrange custom sabers, soundboard and accessories. LGT partners many with distributors and resellers around the world. The resellers and distributors commonly use their own branding, product names, and marketing in order to sell LGT custom sabers to consumers. Prior to LGT’s termination of business with DX Sabers in December 2020, DX Sabers had a non-exclusive business agreement with LGT to sell and distribute LGT Sabers products.

Gibbons also clarified the relationship between DX Sabers and LGT. “DX Sabers was not entered into any exclusive partnership or agreement, and they did not design, produce, or modify LGT products in any way outside of possible installation,” Gibbons wrote. “DX Sabers did not, and does not, have any controlling stake or ownership of [LGT] products, designs, staff or facilities.”

Although LGT Saber Studio has severed business ties with DX Sabers, it’s possible that DX Sabers may still possess and continue to sell leftover inventory from LGT. It’s also possible that DX Sabers may continue selling LGT Saber Studio products by purchasing the sabers through an intermediary or third party. DX Sabers may continue selling custom sabers from other manufacturers as well. Gibbons wrote that LGT products sold by DX Sabers “are not authorized by LGT.”

“[B]latantly deceiving and providing false information to the saber community, or the public in general, does not align with LGT’s values,” Gibbons wrote. He said that any questions regarding the business decision should be directed to Pat Gibbons or Johnny Collado from Custom Darkwolf Sabers.

Read the LGT Saber Studio’s DX Sabers announcement in its entirety here:

LGT Saber Studio, based in China, is a large custom saber manufacturer. The company makes business arrangements with suppliers and resellers around the world. CEO Damien Xu oversees the operation of the company.

Image depicts two custom sabers manufactured by LGT Saber Studio

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    • I have no direct experience a DX Sabers lightsaber and cannot confirm or deny if the company changed the internals. DX Sabers was a reseller of LGT Sabers products, however, until LGT sabers cut business ties with DX Sabers.


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