LGT ‘Severing Ties’ with DX Sabers, a Controversial Reseller

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  1. Nicholas Wolf says:

    So I bought this on Monday https://www.dxsabers.com/shop/p/theimperialsith for 250 with the neopixel option. I found the same one but only 110 here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001227438908.html with stated neopixel. If I were to refund my DXSaber purchase and buy the same thing from LGT but cheaper would the hilt and mechanics and quality be the same?

    • Saber Sourcing says:

      I have no direct experience a DX Sabers lightsaber and cannot confirm or deny if the company changed the internals. DX Sabers was a reseller of LGT Sabers products, however, until LGT sabers cut business ties with DX Sabers.

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