Darth Shaa lightsabers (Sith lightsabers)

Darth Shaa Lightsabers | Lightsaber Profile

The Darth Shaa lightsabers are a pair of two single-bladed red lightsabers wielded by the Darth Shaa. Darth Shaa is a female humanoid Sith Lady who exists prior to Darth Bane’s establishment of the Sith Rule of Two. She wears a mask that conceals her face. Shaa frees an imprisoned artist named Momin and take him as her Sith apprentice.

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Darth Shaa lightsabers (Sith lightsabers)
Shaa wields a pair of two red-bladed lightsabers | IMAGE CREDIT Marvel Comics/Lucasfilm

Darth Shaa Lightsabers in Star Wars Canon

Darth Shaa owns a pair of two red-bladed Sith lightsabers. Each lightsaber hilt is mostly straight with a curve near the end. Shaa wields the two lightsabers in combat, sometimes utilizing a standard grip for both hilts and sometimes utilizing a standard grip for one hilt and a reverse grip for the other hilt.

Darth Shaa learns of a Force-sensitive artist named Momin. Momin was imprisoned at young age due to his artwork, which had been deemed disturbing and grotesque. Intrigued, Shaa kills Momin’s guards, free him, and mentors him as her Sith apprentice. Momin constructs his own pair of lightsabers and takes on the title Darth Momin.

One day, Darth Shaa and Darth Momin engage in a lightsaber duel. Momin impales his master in the stomach with one of his two lightsabers and she dies. Momin becomes a dark side scholar with deep intellectual interest in pursuing dark side knowledge. He vows to never take a Sith apprentice of his own, although he does acquire and maintain a group of acolytes.

Behind the Scenes

The Shaa lightsabers first appear in a flashback in the comic book Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 22 (2018). The lightsabers also appear in the reference book The Star Wars Book (2020).

COVER IMAGE CREDIT Marvel Comics/Lucasfilm
Image depicts Darth Shaa wielding her two red-bladed Sith lightsabers

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