DX Sabers: What We Know About the Company and Its Custom Sabers

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  1. The Owlbear Jew says:

    Long time fan, first time caller.

    Feel free to include my experience with DXSabers for reference.


  2. Jed Dye says:

    Thanks for the in depth info. Was looking into this company for a saber purchase and couldn’t find much.

  3. Eric Wishart says:

    I bough a lightsaber from DX sabers. 3 months later, it arrived with a damaged box and no blade. Then, it takes another 4 weeks to get a blade mailed to me! It arrives broken with the cheapest parts ever imaginable! The blade plug also had a dead spot! Then, one week later, the hilt just stops working! Everything about this $500 Kenobi neopixel lightsaber is junk! Pure junk!!! This Paul character blames everything on Covid 19! What? What does the coronavirus have to do with your lightsabers being crap? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! They come across nice, untill they have your money! Also, based in Philadelphia, but everything is bought from China! Deceiving! PURE CHINESE JUNK!!! RUN AWAY! AVOID STRESS AND HEADACHES!!! WARNING: They will scam you and in the end, after months and months, you will have a $500 pile of cheap junk!!!

    • Brandon says:

      I purchase two premium mystery light sabers with sound on aug.2. 2020 from dxsabers (pauls) website which says 1 to 4 weeks delivery and I never received them. I have multiple screen shots of paul being very rude and disrepectful when I reached out for it to be resolved. He kept saying he shipped them, they where coming. After a month of it in transit at ups I reached out to them, ups said it was lost. I told paul that and he said they dont loose packages, he needed proof which I provided and told me a replacement would be sent out a.s.a.p. He aslo advised me that ups would not reimburse him for the lost items that he looses money to send me a replacement. He told me thats why other companies make you purchase again. The ups representative told me the opposite and sent me the claim via email. It is in my opinion that he has no product and it is a ups scam. Hes generating fake tracking numbers and claiming against them when they get “lost”. They have since refused to help me in any way, no new tracking number, no refund. There are multiple social media testimonials that correspond with my claim, that unfortunately i did not see before i made my purchase. I just do not want any one else taking advantage of like i was. This man deserves his business to be shut down. It is ripping people off. #canceldxsabers

  4. Carrie says:

    So they’ve renamed themselves (on Instagram) as “Dxsaberz” so you may want to include that variation

    • Brandon D Moon says:

      I just had bad dealings with theese guys and had bought a neopixel DV saber on sale back in May and when I inquired several times as to when it would be shipping I got empty promises that never happened.

      As I followed up via txt messages, the replies back from Paul (DX Sabers) were rude and snotty. Not what you would expext from the CEO of a company.

      After a month and two empty promises from him….I decided this was not a reputable company to do business with.

      With the order still pending after a month, and the CEO calling me a liar….I decided to cancel this order and request a refund. The next day he responded to my txt and refused and stated its not per his policy…..something that us a contridiction in terms the way its written.

      I filed a non-delivery claim against his company with PayPal and was notified today the judgement is in my favor and a full refund is being issued back to me.

      Beware of this guy and his dealings…..he is a major scam artist.

  5. Brett Porter says:

    Just got off the phone with VISA reporting the fraud of this guy. I ordered (and Paid for) a saber on 12/3/20. It never arrived. He responded to a couple emails with varying excuses, then went completely dark. At least I got my $400 back.
    Please listen to this excellent article and these negative posts and avoid this place.

  6. Martin England says:

    Having ordered sabers from this company back in February, I have to say…. Be wary about placing an order with this company at this time!
    Paul, the owner currently has supply issues which he is not pre-warning customers about and the lead times quoted on the website do not reflect the real delivery times for potential orders placed (in my experience)
    After placing a considerable value order, I received confirmation and was looking forward to receiving my sabers as per the delivery dates quoted on the site 2-6 weeks maximum.
    After 5 weeks I had heard nothing so decided to contact their customer services team.
    I sent 4 emails to which all were not responded to. Growing evermore concerned I decided to reach out to Paul (the owner) himself and call him.
    This unfortunately was also unsuccessful. I also had Paul’s email address so sent a series of emails and eventually got a reply. Paul informed me that he is having difficulties with suppliers & mentioned sabotage among other things for the reasons regarding the delay of my order.
    Paul assured me and made a commitment to me that he would ensure my order was completed and delivered by the end of April. I thanked him for his honesty and agreed to wait the extra amount of time (Having been assured by the owner himself). Unfortunately as the end of April neared to a close I had to email again (and again) to find out what was happening, no news, no info on shipping, nothing!

    Paul became very difficult to deal with so I decided to cancel my order on the 1st of May.
    Unfortunately this was not received in the professional manner I had hoped.
    I was told that if I wanted a refund then all I had to do was return the sabers – even though at this time they had not even been shipped out to me yet! (Which made no sense whatsoever)
    I was then told by Paul to deal directly with Customer services as he does not get involved with these things (Even though he had done and made a personal commitment to me for delivery in April)
    Customer services then failed to address the situation and comprehend the fact that I was entitled to a refund & that the order had not even been shipped out.
    I faced a very bad situation which with some extra emails and contacting via social media, eventually lead to Paul issuing a refund on the 16th of May.

    I would encourage people to be wary at this time placing any orders with this company. I have also recommended some steps to Paul which may help improve things for his business in the future.
    If you decide to buy from this company please do your research first and contact prior to purchase to gain a commitment from them for a realistic lead time.
    There are many customers who have experienced issues & dealing with Paul is far from easy! I would give one star as he did eventually refund my money which I am legally entitled to.

    If you are experiencing difficulties with your order then in this case “Persistence overcomes Resistance”

    I hope Paul sorts things out but I have a Jedi feeling it wont be anytime soon!
    Order with caution people!

  7. S Y says:

    Ordered three sabers. The hook on one broke on day two and they told me they don’t send paid labels for returns. Returns? This is a defective piece of merchandise! YES, you send a return label so your CUSTOMER doesn’t have to pay to ship a broken product back! Made the mistake of ordering two more sabers because we try to believe in small businesses. Waited two weeks…nothing. Waited three weeks…nothing. Emailed…nothing. DM’d…nothing. Sent an email requesting a cancellation and return and WOW did we start getting emails!

    Tried to give them the benefit of the doubt when they said they only received a partial shipment. Then a friend contacted us (we referred her to DX Sabers) and they were having the same issue! Ordered weeks ago, no communication, no shipment, no nothing!

    Then when we DM’d them again and let them know we felt unsafe about this entire situation, WE GOT BLOCKED! You do NOT block a CURRENT CUSTOMER! You can, but that doesn’t mean you should!

    What to watch for:
    *We’re a small family business of only 3 people.
    *I promise we will ship your items by X date or we will give you this sound effect.
    *You are pushing us to do something.
    *You are threatening us.
    *We are a small family business and we do not have the funds to return to [you] right now.
    *We are doing our best as a small family business.
    *Many competitors of ours try to scam my customers.
    *We are a family of 3 people and doing our best so please remain patient. (They told us this soooooooooo many times…)

    If you read those statements because you are requiring them to either ship your product you’ve waited several weeks for or requesting a refund….DEMAND a refund or dispute the charge, which is what we had to do in order to get our money back!

    We love to support small family businesses, but being small does not give ANYONE the excuse to hijack your money for over a month and then say you can’t afford to pay you back because they don’t deliver or because they send defective products.


    • Raymond Ramirez Jinzo says:

      I bought a lightsaber 7 months ago, they won’t refund me my money, they keep telling me in a month in 2 weeks over and over again and now they tell me after their wedding they will refund me, that life is not fair, I have to wait, like what the f*)$#, pay people back your wedding can wait they can’t treat people this way and steal their money! They owe me close to 600 bucks they need to pay us people back! I have emails to prove all of this!

      • S Y says:

        You MUST contact your bank. How did you pay? Credit card, debit card, check? If so, contact your bank and dispute the charge immediately. Make sure that you have all of the communication (evidence) ready to send them when they ask you for it. If it’s through PayPal, contact them immediately and tell them what’s going on. Even if the 180 days has expired, you can actually still go through your bank and dispute the charge!

        This is what we had to do in order to get back over $700 from them because they kept telling us the same thing… Wait another two weeks, shipment’s on the way, some of the products didn’t come in, we are doing quality control checking, and on and on with fake excuses. Dispute the charge and get your money back!!! 

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